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Michael Diaz

Brookhaven City Council District 1

Michael Diaz ran for Brookhaven City Council District 1. He was born in Colombia and emigrated to the United States in the early 90s.  After attending his senior year in high school in Athens GA, he then became a rare breed.  A Double Dawg in Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and a Master of Science in Biological Engineering from the University of Georgia.  His masters research focused in technologies to treat wastewater for reuse.  He then began his professional career working for a very small consulting engineering firm focusing in municipal water.

Fast forward, he now works as a VP and Area Manager for a multi-national firm.  Michael has also served his community by being a Board Member of the Peachtree Creek Greenway to help create green space in an underserved multi-cultural district of Brookhaven.  He has also volunteered with other organizations like Trees Atlanta, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and Latin American Association, amongst others.  Most recently Michael served in the Brookhaven Planning Commission for over 7 years, helping elevate conversations related to affordable housing and businesses.  As a professional Civil Engineer, Michael’s duties are first to the community.

Kyle Gomez-Leineweber
Flowery Branch City Council Post 2

Kyle Gomez-Leineweber is running for Flowery Branch City Council Post 2. Kyle grew up in Northeast Georgia and proudly calls Flowery Branch his home. He graduated from Brenau University in 2019. Kyle has worked with many organizations and officials in Georgia to advocate for people-centered policies and engage underrepresented constituencies. Kyle is committed to making government work efficiently, effectively, and transparently for everyone in our community.

Kyle comes from a working-class family with a background that is increasingly representative of today’s Georgia: one side of his family has roots in Georgia going back generations while the other side emigrated from Mexico just a few decades ago. Kyle looks forward to building on the progress that our community has made while also bringing a fresh perspective to the Flowery Branch City Council.

Anthony Gutierrez
Kennesaw City Council Post 2

Anthony Gutierrez is running for Kennesaw City Council Post 2. When he began his bachelor’s degree at Kennesaw State University in the fall of 2016, he fell in love with the deep history and culture found in Kennesaw. From the historic Downtown to the businesses and people that call this city home, he recognized that this was a place where everyone could thrive and be part of a community. It was for this reason that when he graduated and started looking for a home, Kennesaw became his only option. He is running for City Council because he believes that this beautiful city is a place for everyone, and he sees its potential to become the gold standard of this state.

He believes that government plays an important role in people’s lives, from ensuring a caring and well-trained law enforcement to providing clean and safe parks and facilities. However, he also believes in a government that knows its boundaries and when not to overstep. He does not advocate for big government or small government but rather for an efficient one. This philosophy will guide his votes, in addition to the feedback received from residents and voters.

Transparency, open communication, and genuinely listening to what others have to say are principles he holds dear. He understands that true representation is only possible when these values are present in an elected official. He always sets his standards higher than what is required because he believes that’s what the citizens of Kennesaw deserve. With the support of the community, he aims to bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to address the modern challenges facing the city.

Hector Gutierrez  
Forest Park City Council Ward 3

Hector Gutierrez is running for Forest Park City Council Ward 3. During his time serving in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army, the limited resources he witnessed there deepened his appreciation for growing up in the United States. His military service led him to understand the blessings of being an American and the multitude of opportunities available. Despite being injured in combat and having to curtail his military career, he continued to serve as an educator upon returning home. His love for the country and commitment to preserving the American Dream drive his actions as a councilman in Forest Park.

Having moved to the city in 2014, he takes pride in his tenure at Unidos Dual Language School, which was recognized as the best in the county by the school district. His dedication to the community has allowed him to build strong connections with students and parents. As an educator, he witnesses firsthand the needs of families in the community. He advocates for expanding after-school activities for youth, better preparation of high school students for trade school or college, increased events at the local library to promote early literacy, and addressing homelessness and business diversity issues directly. He aspires to continue being a voice for the community on these matters.

As a neighbor, he looks forward to meeting more residents during and after his term. He emphasizes that he is not a politician but a working citizen, just like everyone else, who aims to represent the best interests of the city.

Oscar Lanza Menjivar 
Running for Morrow City Council

Oscar Lanza Menjivar is a dedicated, qualified candidate running for Morrow City Council.  He is committed to transparency, equity, and economic growth. A lifelong resident of Morrow since the age of six, Oscar is deeply rooted in the community, having attended Morrow Elementary, Middle, and High School. His educational journey continued at Georgia State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Furthering his commitment to public service, Oscar obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Emory University School of Law.

Oscar’s background in law makes him uniquely prepared to navigate complex issues. Currently, he is an associate at a cybersecurity and IT audit firm, where he works on both domestic and international privacy law compliance. Additionally, Oscar is an alumnus of Emory Law’s Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) program. Through this initiative, he gained hands-on experience working on legal issues related to emerging technologies for Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. Department of Energy, and various universities.

Complementing his professional background, Oscar is deeply involved in volunteer work. He actively promotes civic engagement within minority communities through organizations like the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) and the El Pueblo Unido Project. He is also a strong advocate for leadership development within minority communities, as evidenced by his historic and continued involvement with both the GALEO Institute for Leadership and the GALEO Leadership Council.

Oscar was motivated to run for office after becoming aware of discriminatory comments made by an existing council member against efforts to diversify language access in local elections. Being fluent in both Spanish and English, Oscar is well-positioned to represent the diverse voices in Morrow, including the 22% Latino/a/x population.

If elected to the Morrow City Council, Oscar will work towards transparency, equity, and continued economic growth. He is committed to ensuring transparent governance by live-streaming all public council meetings and making decisions accessible in easy-to-understand formats. His focus on equity aims to create a more inclusive community, working towards equitable representation and multilingual access. Understanding that small businesses are the backbone of Morrow’s economy, Oscar will push for free resources to help community members transform their business ideas into actionable plans. He plans to partner with nonprofits and existing business owners to identify viable development opportunities and economic growth strategies.

Oscar Lanza Menjivar is prepared to contribute to the well-being and future of Morrow if elected to the City Council due to his deep-rooted passion for the community, robust professional experience, and a commitment to serve all residents of Morrow with integrity and inclusivity.

Sonia Lopez
Norcross City Council

Sonia Lopez, an American citizen originally from El Salvador, immigrated to the United States at the age of 13. Upon settling in the City of Norcross seven years ago, she enrolled in classes at the Hispanic Citizens Police Academy and initiated the formation of a volunteer group. Through this endeavor, she actively participated in numerous events benefiting the City of Norcross. Sonia is the founder of a nonprofit organization called Asami-Atl, dedicated to assisting families in the community who lack resources, particularly those with children.

Her passion for volunteering and commitment to building a better future for future generations is evident. Since 2016, Sonia has been an active member of the Norcross Lions, where she has held various roles, including New Membership Chairperson, District Chairperson for Childhood Cancer Awareness, and President. Additionally, she established the Club de Leones Norcross Latino and serves on the Norcross Public Arts Commission and the Neighborhood Cooperative Ministry. Through her involvement in these organizations, she has gained a unique perspective on the strengths of their city and areas that require improvement.

Sonia’s decision to run for office stems from her desire to achieve several key goals:

1) **Creating equal opportunities** for everyone in Norcross, regardless of their background.
2) **Attracting investments** through new projects to boost tourism and support the city’s youth.
3) **Revitalizing Buford Highway** by reforming zoning policies in collaboration with community activists.
4) **Promoting smart growth** while preserving Norcross’s distinctive character.

In her candidacy, Sonia is driven by a vision of Norcross where every individual, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or income, can thrive. She envisions a Norcross where success is attainable for everyone, and she is dedicated to making this vision a reality for her community.

Candidate: Marianella Lopez

Marianella Lopez
Dunwoody City Council Post 2

Marianella Lopez is running for Dunwoody City Council Post 2. She was born in Venezuela and arrived in the United States with her family at the age of one. Moving to Atlanta at 14, she attended Riverwood High School and North Springs High School. She pursued her passion for music and earned a degree in Voice Performance from Reinhardt University. During her college years, she discovered her calling for community service and felt a spiritual connection guiding her towards a purpose.

Completing her education, she obtained a Masters in Divinity from Emory’s Candler School of Theology. It was during this time that she realized her responsibility to uplift marginalized communities through musical excellence and leadership. After graduating from Emory, she co-founded Corners Music Academy, the music department of Corners Outreach. With the support of community leaders, donors, and volunteers, she established a vibrant bilingual music program catering to infants to high school students.

Motivated by her deep connection with diverse communities in Dunwoody, she chose to enter public office. She recognized the importance of diverse voices in decision-making, especially in matters of city spending. With a logical yet compassionate perspective, she believed her voice could contribute significantly. Her goal was to maintain Dunwoody as a clean, safe, and inviting place for all families, while also preserving its low taxes.


Nivea Castro
Pine Lake City Council

Nivea Castro is running for Pine Lake City Council. She has had the honor of serving as a city council member of the City of Pine Lake and is now running for re-election. With over 40 years of experience as a people’s attorney, her skills align seamlessly with the council’s responsibilities of ensuring sound public policy, fiscal accountability, and strategic problem solving. A staunch social justice advocate throughout her life, she has served as an interim executive director of a non-profit organization, worked as a community organizer, teacher, and political campaign strategist. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is also a scuba diver, a black-belt martial artist, and a passionate photographer.

Linda Pritchett

Running for South Fulton City Council District 7

Linda Pritchett, a first-generation Cuban American and the niece of the Queen of Salsa, Celia Cruz, is a devoted mother who raised her sons Dakota and Logan in Riverdale, Georgia. Both of her children are high school graduates from Love T. Nolan Elementary School, Ronald E. McNair Middle School, and Hapeville Charter High School.

Her professional journey began in the life insurance business, where she started as a Life Insurance Agent and eventually became the owner of her own agency. Later, Linda became an entrepreneur, establishing a retail store named Dakota Logan, catering Urban Wear to NFL players like Super Bowl Champ, Ray Lewis, and Hall of Fame Recipient Edgerrin James. For the past 18 years, she has worked in the legal field as a Certified Paralegal, specializing in Personal Injury, Criminal and Civil Law, and Workers’ Compensation. Additionally, she has served as a Legislative Specialist for the City of South Fulton.

Linda’s active involvement in politics spans a decade. She has received recognition for her service, including the President Barack Obama’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Service in 2017. Throughout her political journey, she has held roles such as Treasurer for State Senator Donzella James, Legislative Aide to State Representative Sandra Scott, Constituent Services Liaison to State Representative Ronnie Mabra, and Legislative Specialist for the City of South Fulton. She has also served in various capacities within the Democratic Party of Georgia, the Fulton County Democrats Platform Committee, the City of South Fulton Renaming Committee, and the Community Clean Up Committee for the Old National Area Residents United. Additionally, she has been the Vice President of the Stoneridge Subdivision HOA Board.

Driven by her commitment to leadership and servanthood, Linda was elected to the South Fulton City Council in December 2022. She remains deeply engaged in her community, organizing town hall meetings, attending community gatherings, and advocating for relevant issues. Linda also publishes the Community Newsletter, providing crucial local and legislative updates to enhance civic engagement and awareness.

In collaboration with her colleagues, Linda is introducing the inaugural event in her city that celebrates her Hispanic Heritage. On October 22nd, they will host the Azucar Music Fest, honoring the legacies of Celia Cruz and Tito Puente. In her pursuit of re-election, she continues to prioritize diversity and inclusion, ensuring a vibrant and unified community for all.



Raphael Warnock
U.S. Senate 

Reverend Raphael Warnock (D) ran for U.S. Senate. Before running for office, Reverend Warnock dedicated his life to service, to standing up for the dignity of work and fighting to expand access to affordable health care. 

Since his election to the U.S. Senate in 2021, Senator Warnock has continued to lead the fight to protect and grow Georgia jobs, to lower costs for hardworking Georgia families, and to stand up for Georgia farmers, servicemembers and veterans. Reverend Warnock puts his responsibility to represent the people of Georgia above politics, working with whoever it takes if it means improving the lives of all Georgians. Reverend Warnock is running for reelection to continue his fight to expand access to affordable healthcare, create good-paying Georgia jobs, and cut costs for hardworking Georgia families. 


Stacey Abrams 
Georgia Governor

Stacey Abrams (D) ran for Georgia Governor. ⁠After serving in the state legislature for a decade, Stacey decided to run for Governor in 2018, becoming the first African-American female major-party gubernatorial nominee in the United States. 

She is running once again and her legislative priorities include protecting small business, reducing medical debt, reproductive rights, and Medicaid expansion. 

Charlie Bailey
Georgia Lieutenant Governor.

Charlie Bailey ran for Georgia Lieutenant Governor. He is running so we can build One Georgia, where every person can live a better life with access to quality jobs, better schools, and affordable healthcare.

Charlie has a proven track record of fighting for Georgians. As a former Senior Assistant District Attorney of Fulton County his career has revolved around fighting for justice.

Bee Nguyen
GA Secretary of State 

Bee Nguyen (pronounced WIN) ran for GA Secretary of State. 

She grew up in Augusta, Georgia and graduated from a Georgia public high school. After she moved to Atlanta to attend Georgia State University, she started a local nonprofit to educate and empower young women. She spent a decade in Georgia public high schools, where she learned how to organize with her community and demand change for her students.

Jen Jordan
Running for GA Attorney General

Jen Jordan ran for Secretary of State. She is a lawyer and mother of two who currently represents parts of suburban Atlanta in the Georgia State Senate. Although she and her family now live in Fulton County, Jen is originally from rural Dodge County where she was raised by a single mom who worked as a hairdresser. Through the HOPE Scholarship and several minimum wage jobs, Jen was able to attend college and later graduated magna cum laude from the University of Georgia School of Law.

In 2017, Jen ran for the State Senate in a special election, flipping a Republican-held seat and ending the Republicans’ supermajority in the chamber. She was reelected in 2018 and 2020, increasing her margin of victory each time. Jen is running for Attorney General to protect our democracy, promote safe communities, and fight for environmental justice.

William Boddie Jr.
GA Labor Commissioner

William Boddie was a 2022 Democratic Candidate for Georgia Labor Commissioner. Rep. Boddie was first elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in November 2016. After just one term in office, his Georgia House Democratic Caucus (GHDC) colleagues elected Rep. Boddie to serve as the Minority Whip in November 2018, the second-ranking Democrat in the Georgia House of Representatives. Before being elected to the GHDC leadership, Rep. Boddie was appointed to serve as the Communications Chair of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus (GLBC) in July 2017.

Rep. Boddie currently serves on Budget & Fiscal Affairs Oversight, Judiciary Non-Civil, Small Business Development, and Special Committee on Access to the Civil Justice System committees. Rep. Boddie is a member of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus, the Georgia Working Families Caucus, and the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.was

State Legislature

Jason Esteves
Georgia State Senate District 6

Jason Esteves (D) ran for Georgia State Senate District 6. Jason is an at-large representative and the outgoing Board Chair on the Atlanta Public Schools Board of Education. In 2013, he became the first Latino elected to a school board in Georgia and has focused his efforts on promoting equity and improving the financial outlook of the school system. Jason serves as Vice President at Equifax Inc., where he leads the handling of regulatory matters, risk mitigation, and sensitive disputes and investigations for the company. 

Jason’s legislative priorities include strong public schools, accessible and affordable healthcare, economic opportunity, environmental justice, and creating a more welcoming and inclusive Georgia.⁠

Nabilah Islam
Georgia State Senate District 7

Nabilah Islam (D) ran for Georgia State Senate District 6. Nabilah has dedicated her life and career to advancing progressive ideals in Georgia. In 2020, Nabilah served as a Senior Advisor to the Gwinnett Democratic Party where she helped lead outreach to Vietnamese, Korean, and Latino communities – leading to the strongest Democratic performance in the county in decades and helping to elect President Joe Biden. During the critical Senate runoffs, Nabilah led an organization called Save Our Senate, which knocked on over 34,000 doors, turning out Black and Brown voters across Gwinnett for Senators Ossoff and Warnock. Nabilah was also appointed to become the President of IPAC an organization dedicated to getting out the Muslim American vote, she led a historic effort of reaching out to over 60,000 registered Muslims voters across the state during the critical runoffs.

Her legislative priorities include protecting abortion rights, increasing teacher pay, keeping our communities safe, lowering healthcare costs, protecting voting rights, raising the minimum wage, preventing LGBTQ+ discrimination, and fighting climate change. 

Micheal Garza   
Georgia State House District 46

Micheal Garza (D) ran for Georgia State House District 46. Micheal Garza is a husband, father, and small business owner running to bring responsive leadership to state government and chart a new path for Georgia in which everyone in this diverse state has a chance to succeed and thrive. That includes fully funding our public schools, reducing gun violence in our communities, restoring the right of women to make their own healthcare choices, and protecting the right of every Georgian to participate in our elections. As one of a handful of Latino candidates running in 2022, Micheal hopes to increase Latino representation in the state legislature and give a voice to the state’s fastest growing demographic.

Candidate: Pedro Marin

Pedro Marin  
Georgia State House District 9

Pedro Marin (D) ran for Georgia State House District 96. He has served in public office for almost two decades. Since arriving to Georgia in 1995, he has leveraged his skills in marketing, strategic planning, relationship building, negotiation, and intercultural relations to build a successful consultancy firm while also continually lending his talents to bring together diverse communities to address issues of mutual concern.

Jasmine Clark 
Georgia State House District 108

Jasmine Clark (D) ran for Georgia State House District 108. First elected in 2018, Jasmine Clark’s legislative agenda has been focused on education, voting rights, reproductive rights, environmental protection, common sense gun reform, criminal justice and healthcare. During her first term, Jasmine Clark was the primary sponsor on HB 133, which seeks medically accurate sex education that includes accurate information regarding HIV prevention. She was also a top sponsor of dozens of bills that reflect constituent issues and concerns, her legislative agenda, as well as her core values. In the 2021-2022 session, Jasmine Clark plans to continue the work of being a science voice in the GA State legislature, and an advocate and voice for her constituency in House District 108. In the 2021-2022 session, she also serves as the Vice Chair of the Gwinnett State House delegation and as the Secretary on the Executive Board of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.

Om Duggal 
Georgia State House District 99

Om Duggal (D) ran for Georgia State House District 99. Born in New Delhi, India, Om immigrated to the United States with his family over two decades ago. He grew up in a middle-class family with a humble upbringing. An entrepreneur at heart, Om founded PNB Bearings India Ltd., a manufacturing plant with Japanese collaboration, after finishing his Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration.

His legislative priorities include the economy, reproductive rights, affordable healthcare, supporting our schools, and protecting voting and civil rights. 

Ruwa Roman 
Georgia State House District 97

Ruwa Roman (D) ran for Georgia State House District 97. She is passionate about politics, civic engagement, interfaith dialogue and community service. As an organizer, policy analyst, and public speaker, she works to empower communities and everyday people to become more civically engaged!

Through her diverse set of experiences, Ruwa will be ready on day one to tackle the tough challenges facing our state and to provide the leadership that District 97 deserves.

Devin Pandy 
Georgia State House District 29

Devin Pandy (D) ran for Georgia State House District 29. He is a 21-year Army Veteran and Wounded Warrior. 

His legislative priorities include working families, voting access and equality, housing affordability, worker’s rights & safety, and the historically disenfranchised. 

Phil Olaleye
Georgia State House District 59

Phil Olaleye (D) ran for Georgia State House District 59. The Nigerian-Colombian community leader is currently the Executive Director of Next Generation Men & Women. Phil also served as the Director of Performance Management at WorkSource Atlanta and as a U.S. Peace Corps Children, Youth, and Family Volunteer in the Philippines. Phil’s legislative priorities include fostering thriving families, building healthy communities, and strengthening our democracy. Phil is the son of working-class immigrants from Nigeria and Colombia.

Phil’s legislative priorities include fostering thriving families, building healthy communities, and strengthening our democracy.⁠

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