About Us

Mission: We work to expand and influence Latino political power in Georgia. We also seek to elect and hold accountable policymakers who align with our progressive values.

Vision: Georgia is a state where the Latino voice is sought after, and Latino policymakers have equitable representation.

CORE BELIEFS: Grassroots, Advocacy, Diversity, and Responsiveness.

Working together for a better Georgia!

Our History

The GALEO Latino Community Development Fund has been working to increase civic engagement and leadership in the Latino community in Georgia since 2003. Through this work, the GALEO team saw a need to continue the invaluable non-partisan work of the GALEO Latino Community Development Fund along with a separate institution to engage in more political activism. The GALEO Impact Fund was established in 2019 to help address this need and organize the growing political power of the Latino community in Georgia. We are a young organization with years of civic engagement experience excited to be able to add more political tools to help bring about a better Georgia and a stronger democracy.

What drives us

Create a more inclusive Georgia that empowers our Latinx community and ensure respect for our contributions.


Our community comes from many walks of life. Inclusion is important for us in the work of building power together.


Our work will be progressive and will be anchored in our community values on how policy impacts our lives.


There is great diversity within our Latinx community. The diversity we have is a strength and we embrace it.


Our work will be responsive to the needs of our community.

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