The Issues

The GALEO Impact Fund prides itself in its grassroots work and responsive structure to support our community’s work to bring about real political change in our state. The Latinx community of Georgia is diverse and is passionate about a wide variety of legislative issues that affect our lives directly.

Voting Rights

The root of our political power is at the voting booth. Georgia is both the cradle of the Civil Rights movement and the epicenter of a concerted effort to undermine our fundamental right to participate in free and fair elections. As the state’s Latino and minority eligible voter populations continue to grow, we can expect continued efforts to diminish our political gains made in recent years. The GALEO Impact Fund supports universal and equal voting rights.

Immigration Rights

Immigrants make our state richer when allowed to fully participate in civic life. Policies that criminalize immigrants and refugees are inhumane and unrepresentative of our nation’s ideals. The GALEO Impact Fund supports policies that allow all immigrants to thrive and fulfill their goals and dreams.

Environmental Justice

The drastic consequences of climate change and pollution affect all areas of our lives and will only worsen if drastic action is not taken. These consequences are being felt disproportionately by communities of color and low-income communities. The GALEO Impact Fund supports policies that systematically tackle climate change by targeting corporate and industrial polluters.

Youth Engagement

Young Latinos face many unique challenges as they enter higher education in the labor market and begin to connect with their larger communities. The GALEO Impact Fund is prioritizing political engagement and education of our Latinx youth to prepare them to live up to their potential as leaders in our state. Young Latinxs are ready to create change, and the GALEO Impact Fund is here as a resource to help them create that change.

Build Back Better

The Build Back Together Act makes transformative investments in Latinx and minority communities throughout the nation. We can expect significant improvements in education, infrastructure, climate change, and immigration that will benefit our communities for generations to come. Advocating for the Build Back Better Act and ensuring the interests of our communities are prioritized throughout its implementation is critical.

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