Youth Engagement

Young Latinxs face many unique challenges as they enter higher education the labor market, and begin to connect with their larger communities. The GALEO Impact Fund is prioritizing political engagement and education of our Latinx youth to prepare them to live up to their potential as leaders in our state. Young Latinxs are ready to create change, and the GALEO Impact Fund is here as a resource to help them create that change. 


If you are a young Latinx interested in making a difference in your community or wanting to connect with other young Latinx interested in creating a difference in our state, sign up for the Pueblo Unido Project today!

What is El Pueblo Unido Project? 

El Pueblo Unido Project is a new initiative to accelerate and support the organizing power of the Latinx community in Georgia. It consists of five modules that take place over one week. The five modules consist of short lectures and facilitated group conversations. The groups will be made up of around 7 participants. Modules will cover grassroots organizing, local government, Latinx identity, policy discourse, and tools for direct action. All modules will take place over Zoom. We aim to support a lifelong process of transformative civic engagement and create a network of alumni to help imagine and create better communities in Georgia!

You can sign up for El Pueblo Unido Project today here. If you have any questions please email our Community Organizer Andres Parra at

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