The GALEO Impact Fund’s candidate endorsement program uplifts viable candidates for public office and increases Latino-Hispanic representation in our local, state, and national public offices.  Through our endorsement, candidates gain exposure, access to GALEO Impact Fund resources, and meaningful insight into our electoral system.  The GALEO Impact Fund’s Candidate Endorsement Framework is straightforward.  Viable candidates whose values align with ours receive the endorsement after completing our candidate assessment questionnaire, successfully meeting the background search criteria, and final board approval.  For more information regarding our candidate endorsement program, please contact David Garcia at dgarcia@galeoimpactfund.org

2023 endorsements



State Legislature

Local Elections

Michael Diaz

Running for Brookhaven City Council District 1

Michael Diaz is running for Brookhaven City Council District 1. He was born in Colombia and emigrated to the United States in the early 90s.  After attending his senior year in high school in Athens GA, he then became a rare breed.  A Double Dawg in Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering and a Master of Science in Biological Engineering from the University of Georgia.  His masters research focused in technologies to treat wastewater for reuse.  He then began his professional career working for a very small consulting engineering firm focusing in municipal water.  

Fast forward, he now works as a VP and Area Manager for a multi-national firm.  Michael has also served his community by being a Board Member of the Peachtree Creek Greenway to help create green space in an underserved multi-cultural district of Brookhaven.  He has also volunteered with other organizations like Trees Atlanta, Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, and Latin American Association, amongst others.  Most recently Michael served in the Brookhaven Planning Commission for over 7 years, helping elevate conversations related to affordable housing and businesses.  As a professional Civil Engineer, Michael’s duties are first to the community.

Kyle Gomez-Leineweber
Running for Flowery Branch City Council Post 2

Kyle Gomez-Leineweber is running for Flowery Branch City Council Post 2. Kyle grew up in Northeast Georgia and proudly calls Flowery Branch his home. He graduated from Brenau University in 2019. Kyle has worked with many organizations and officials in Georgia to advocate for people-centered policies and engage underrepresented constituencies. Kyle is committed to making government work efficiently, effectively, and transparently for everyone in our community.

Kyle comes from a working-class family with a background that is increasingly representative of today’s Georgia: one side of his family has roots in Georgia going back generations while the other side emigrated from Mexico just a few decades ago. Kyle looks forward to building on the progress that our community has made while also bringing a fresh perspective to the Flowery Branch City Council.

Anthony Gutierrez

Running for Kennesaw City Council Post 2

Anthony Gutierrez is running for Kennesaw City Council Post 2. When he began his bachelor’s degree at Kennesaw State University in the fall of 2016, he fell in love with the deep history and culture found in Kennesaw. From the historic Downtown to the businesses and people that call this city home, he recognized that this was a place where everyone could thrive and be part of a community. It was for this reason that when he graduated and started looking for a home, Kennesaw became his only option. He is running for City Council because he believes that this beautiful city is a place for everyone, and he sees its potential to become the gold standard of this state.

He believes that government plays an important role in people’s lives, from ensuring a caring and well-trained law enforcement to providing clean and safe parks and facilities. However, he also believes in a government that knows its boundaries and when not to overstep. He does not advocate for big government or small government but rather for an efficient one. This philosophy will guide his votes, in addition to the feedback received from residents and voters.

Transparency, open communication, and genuinely listening to what others have to say are principles he holds dear. He understands that true representation is only possible when these values are present in an elected official. He always sets his standards higher than what is required because he believes that’s what the citizens of Kennesaw deserve. With the support of the community, he aims to bring fresh ideas and innovative solutions to address the modern challenges facing the city.

Hector Gutierrez  
Running for Forest Park City Council Ward 3

Hector Gutierrez is running for Forest Park City Council Ward 3. During his time serving in Afghanistan in the U.S. Army, the limited resources he witnessed there deepened his appreciation for growing up in the United States. His military service led him to understand the blessings of being an American and the multitude of opportunities available. Despite being injured in combat and having to curtail his military career, he continued to serve as an educator upon returning home. His love for the country and commitment to preserving the American Dream drive his actions as a councilman in Forest Park.

Having moved to the city in 2014, he takes pride in his tenure at Unidos Dual Language School, which was recognized as the best in the county by the school district. His dedication to the community has allowed him to build strong connections with students and parents. As an educator, he witnesses firsthand the needs of families in the community. He advocates for expanding after-school activities for youth, better preparation of high school students for trade school or college, increased events at the local library to promote early literacy, and addressing homelessness and business diversity issues directly. He aspires to continue being a voice for the community on these matters.

As a neighbor, he looks forward to meeting more residents during and after his term. He emphasizes that he is not a politician but a working citizen, just like everyone else, who aims to represent the best interests of the city.

Oscar Lanza Menjivar 
Running for Morrow City Council

Oscar Lanza Menjivar is a dedicated, qualified candidate running for Morrow City Council.  He is committed to transparency, equity, and economic growth. A lifelong resident of Morrow since the age of six, Oscar is deeply rooted in the community, having attended Morrow Elementary, Middle, and High School. His educational journey continued at Georgia State University, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. Furthering his commitment to public service, Oscar obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Emory University School of Law.

Oscar’s background in law makes him uniquely prepared to navigate complex issues. Currently, he is an associate at a cybersecurity and IT audit firm, where he works on both domestic and international privacy law compliance. Additionally, Oscar is an alumnus of Emory Law’s Technological Innovation: Generating Economic Results (TI:GER) program. Through this initiative, he gained hands-on experience working on legal issues related to emerging technologies for Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. Department of Energy, and various universities.

Complementing his professional background, Oscar is deeply involved in volunteer work. He actively promotes civic engagement within minority communities through organizations like the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials (GALEO) and the El Pueblo Unido Project. He is also a strong advocate for leadership development within minority communities, as evidenced by his historic and continued involvement with both the GALEO Institute for Leadership and the GALEO Leadership Council.

Oscar was motivated to run for office after becoming aware of discriminatory comments made by an existing council member against efforts to diversify language access in local elections. Being fluent in both Spanish and English, Oscar is well-positioned to represent the diverse voices in Morrow, including the 22% Latino/a/x population.

If elected to the Morrow City Council, Oscar will work towards transparency, equity, and continued economic growth. He is committed to ensuring transparent governance by live-streaming all public council meetings and making decisions accessible in easy-to-understand formats. His focus on equity aims to create a more inclusive community, working towards equitable representation and multilingual access. Understanding that small businesses are the backbone of Morrow’s economy, Oscar will push for free resources to help community members transform their business ideas into actionable plans. He plans to partner with nonprofits and existing business owners to identify viable development opportunities and economic growth strategies.

Oscar Lanza Menjivar is prepared to contribute to the well-being and future of Morrow if elected to the City Council due to his deep-rooted passion for the community, robust professional experience, and a commitment to serve all residents of Morrow with integrity and inclusivity.

Candidate: Jerry Ramos-Arce

Jerry Ramos-Arce

Hall County Sheriff

Jerry Ramos is running to be the Hall County Sheriff.

He is a 3rd generation Puerto Rican born in Brooklyn, NY, ascending from a humble upbringing. He is an (8) year military veteran and started his Georgia law enforcement career in January of (1998) as a uniform patrol officer. During his policing career, he has served in various capacities to include Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Operations Commander, and Chief. He has also served in various specialized roles to include Narcotic K9 Handler, School Resources Officer, Narcotic Enforcement, and Special Response.

He plans to take advantage of his skills in security and law enforcement to better protect the community along with its assets. He also plans to use his experience in relationship building and intercultural relations to build a more cohesive office environment and enhance the community bond to support a more inclusive operation.

He attended Thomas Edison State University and graduated from the Chief of Police Executive Training Course in (2004) from the Georgia Association of Chief Police. He has obtained a combined (1500) hours of advanced training from several institutions to include the Emergency Management Institute, Georgia Public Safety Training Center, Carolina Institute of Community Policing, Chatham County Canine Training Center, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and NE Georgia Police Academy.

In 2024, he wants to be the catalyst to boost Latino representation among Georgia Sheriff’s and if elected, his priorities include ending the 287(g) I.C.E agreement and implementing a proactive and tough S.T.E.P plan to reverse the trend on local human trafficking, community violence, opioids, gun violence, and marginalization.

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