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may 8th, 2023

alba villarreal
director of communications

galeo impact fund statement on sb 92

(Norcross, GA) – Kemp has signed SB 92 into law, a legislation that allows state officials to control local prosecutors. It enables outside actors to strip away the autonomy of elected District Attorneys to make the best decisions for the safety of their communities. The creation of this bill came shortly after progressive women were elected as District Attorneys throughout Georgia.


“Prosecutors wield considerable influence over a criminal justice system that disproportionately punishes black and brown people. Progressive prosecutors are implementing a new model for prosecution that focuses on alternatives to incarceration and second chances, and they are making a difference,” says David Garcia, Policy Director at GALEO Impact Fund

“With politicians using every tool at their disposal to try to overturn elections, Kemp’s signage of Senate Bill 92 is just another tool used to undo the will of voters.”


District Attorneys have limited resources. Voters pick their District Attorneys based on how they commit to utilizing those limited resources to administer justice and public safety in their communities.

The bill’s passage is a racist attempt at undermining the women of color rightfully elected by the people in their district. As progressive prosecutors, they represent the change our criminal justice system needs. For far too long, the unwarranted racial disparities in our criminal justice system have filled our prisons with black and brown people. Their commitment to changing this unjust system has scared legislators and the Governor to create and pass this power grab.

GALEO Impact Fund will continue to advocate and support progressive elected officials despite the continuous targeting being done by Kemp and other Republicans.



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