GALEO Impact Fund Stands Against HB 1105: Protecting Rights and Voices in Georgia’s Immigrant Communities ​

May 2, 2024

GALEO Impact Fund

Media Contact: Lorena Mora Basto

Director of Communications


(Norcross, GA)  Yesterday morning, Governor Brian Kemp signed “The Georgia Criminal Alien Track and Report Act of 2024”, more commonly known as HB 1105, into law. GALEO Impact Fund, alongside numerous coalition partners and community members throughout Georgia, repeatedly shared concerns with legislators about the unnecessary harm this legislation will cause for Latinos and immigrants in our state. 

“This law and the harmful rhetoric that was weaponized to advance it perpetuates dangerous stereotypes about the Latino community,” says Kyle Gomez-Leineweber, Director of Public Policy and Advocacy at GALEO Impact Fund. “From mandating the selective reporting of data that will intentionally paint an inaccurate picture of criminal activity in Georgia to pressuring local law enforcement to participate in costly federal programs that do more harm than good, no part of this law will be easily implemented or do anything to make Georgians safer.”

GALEO Impact Fund stands in solidarity with the Latino and immigrant communities who add immense value to our state’s cultural and economic fabric. We continue to demand state and local agencies respect the rights of everyone in our community while also pushing our federal leaders to find a meaningful path forward on comprehensive immigration reform.


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