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June 5, 2024

GALEO Impact Fund

Media Contact: Lorena Mora-Basto

Communications Director


(Norcross, GA)- Historic victory for the first Hispanic elected to Gainesville City Council.

GALEO Impact Fund, one of the leading progressive Latino organizations in the state of Georgia, celebrates the resounding victory of Gainesville City Council endorsed candidate Abigail Guzman as the first Hispanic woman elected to office in Gainesville County, Georgia.

With a historic and significant victory, Abigail has made history in a county where the Latino population represents 40% and has lacked significant representation for decades.

Abigail’s win represents a monumental milestone in the state’s political landscape and a momentous shift toward inclusion and representation. As a Latino organization committed to promoting progressive values and fostering diversity in leadership, the GALEO Impact Fund proudly supports Abigail Guzman for her unwavering dedication to serving all Gainesville residents.

“For the first time in Gainesville’s history, a community where more than 40% of the population is Latino has a Hispanic representative on the city council,” says Kyle Gomez-Leineweber, GALEO Impact Fund‘s Director of Public Policy. “Abigail Guzman is an example of the power of the Latino community in all of the state of Georgia and will use her voice to improve the status of Gainesville Latinos. Our state’s leaders must understand and promote our priorities, as the priorities of the Latino community are the priorities of Georgia businesses, workers, and families.”

GALEO Impact Fund congratulates its endorsed candidate for Gainesville City Council, Abigail Guzman, on her groundbreaking achievement. Abigaíl’s success underscores the importance of diverse representation in local governance and gives hope to underrepresented communities throughout the region.

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